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History, heritage and craft

Nontron cutlery equals proud craftsmanship. Nontron knife is the oldest French knife originating from the 15th Century.

The cutlery quality and design has been perfected over generations. The cutlery artisans of today are still working to make the Nontron “by hand” with the same gestures as their ancestors.

All cutlery is today handmade and produced by around 20 highly qualified employees at the factory in Nontron. In the year 2000, Nontron opened their new factory and workshop designed by Luc-Arsène Henry.

The process for every knife consists of more than 40 steps. All steps are handmade by the same employee. All knives are made by order.

The tree used for the knives are sustainable and grown in France. All tree used must dry for a minimum of four years to harden for everyday use. The steel comes from “Acieries de Bonpertuis” in France – a proud company with great traditions that dates to 1434. One of three types of steel is used for the blades. The types are XC75, T12 or stainless steel.

Once the knife is assembled and woodburned, the knife-maker proceeds to the sandpapering, the polishing of the handle, the adjusting of the blade (polishing, centering and tightening) and sharpening.

After being thoroughly cleaned each knife is inspected one by one. If a defect is found the knife is systematically sent back to the knife-maker.

In 2010 Nontron was awarded the EPV Prize (Living Heritage Company) in recognition of its rare and renowned know-how.