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Design your own cutlery

Knives and cutlery from Nontron are found at many restaurants in Paris, the rest of France and Scandinavia. You will find the knives at the restaurant Papillon – a neo-bistro in Paris owned by French chef Christophe Saintagne. He received three stars in Guide Michelin as former chef at restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée.

The knives are also used at restaurant Cheval d’Or by renowned chef Taku Sekine. Cheval d’Or is a rather new restaurant in Paris. Chef Sekine also runs restaurant Dersou in Paris.

In Copenhagen the knives can be seen at restaurant Maison. Maison is a luxury French bistro with former Michelin-chef Rasmus Oubæk in the kitchen.

Does your restaurant need new Nontron-cutlery?

Contact us today and hear more about the many possibilities with cutlery and knives from Nontron.

The knives and cutlery are all individually handmade. All knives are made by order. This gives your restaurant a unique opportunity to design your own cutlery. One possibility is to have the name of restaurant engraved on the blade of the knife.

Are you a journalist, photographer or foodie?

You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to borrow Nontron-cutlery for articles, magazines, websites and so on.

Contact us at hello@nontronknive.dk. You will hear from us within 1-2 days.

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